Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Remember my search for a "healthy" deodorant?

This is my next thing to try. This is from a natural health tips newsletter I get a few times per month.

Ever seen an open box of baking soda in someone’s refrigerator? It is to help deodorize the refrigerator. While I’ve never cared about deodorizing my refrigerator, I have looked for a safe, healthy deodorant. Baking soda is the least expensive, most effective deodorant around.

Here’s how to use it: Put a small covered container of baking soda in your bathroom. In your morning shower, using soap and a washcloth really handles a lot of the germs that contribute to odor. After drying off, put at least 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda in the palm of one hand. Then put a few drops of water on it to mix it up. Apply under both arms. Let it dry and you’re good to go.

A healthy deodorant is crucial because what you put on your skin goes straight into your bloodstream and other body parts. Cancer research has found deodorant chemicals in breast cancer tumors.



I'll try it, but I don't know if it can handle my stank!

Mary Beth said...

this is cool, but do you have to walk around with your arms up until it dries?

Michelle Peterson Anderson said...

Will have to try it!! I do use it for my Freezer, Fridge and once a month I do the major (1) FLOSS(2) swish with Hydrogen peroxide (3)brush with ARM AND HAMMER BAKING SODA and (4) brush with toothpaste!! REFRESHING!! Have you ever tried that??